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      Fast electric water heater ten advantage

      From£ºhttp://www.ceoylch.com      Date£º2011/4/3 15:38:51     Heat:701

          People often say "no season of the market, as long as the peak season thought", understandable, fast electric water heater indeed exist certain pale, season, in order to solve this kind of don't exist objectively, the main problem is to resolve the company sales - this season is very pressing and cannot be obtained the problem, so important to the national market "true through" launched. Why to say family is decorated is rapid new electric water heater's main market? Because of the fast electric water heater series products (note: broadly ordinary means two kinds, one kind is the shower bath with rapid electric water heater of, another kind is with the kitchen sink basin and toilet lavabo supporting the faucet type fast electric water heater, we call it a quick electrothermal faucet) has entered the new home outfit channel sales ten advantage.


          1. Real estate, domestic outfit industry in China at present the high-speed conduct: the real estate industry is growing at an alarming rate, annual with more than 33 percent growth rate has gone up rapidly, buy a house will decorate, decorate industry has become a consensus with unusually hot, can gain a foothold in the market is a lot of enterprise purpose, also for fast electric water heater into this category provides a good market space and great opportunities.

      2. The new grid configuration processing of fast electric water heater "bottleneck" problems: fast electric water heater has its many advantages, such as water conservation and power saving, rapid, peace, device, one-time use bento lunch, less investment, but "bottleneck" problems is the power too large, many old room, old wires, meter, but in recent years are difficult to conform to build housing distribution standard had the very big progress, old room is 5 (10) A meter, bridal chamber with 10 (40) A table or above supporting standard, some cities have reached the 100A, this makes fast electric water heater complete devices using become wasn't A problem. 3. When decorating purchase water heater is marketing behaviour: because all sorts of water heater (electricity gas, solar energy and so on) the purchase and device of the original used demand cold and hot water pipe, the original family supporting talents use no cold, hot water piping equipment purchase quantity is rarely the family, according to statistics, various water heater in outfit matching sales more than 80% of total sales, fast electric water heater is no exception, the key lies in this water heater needs supporting power socket, and usually when decorating user little or not thinking cistern, birdbath nigh special beneath device outlet, once again want to decorate good purchase rapid heating faucet is difficult to device, use, so you should let users know when decorating, have to think in the circuit configuration design in

      4. Fast electric water heater variety of advantages should be the choice: a. consumer price material benefit, disposable less investment: complete loading it saves all of hot water piping, can all ordinary faucet, frugal overall investment less than ordinary central water supply hot water 50% of the standard investment. B. province water, save electricity, a year recovery of investment: electric water heater with the central water supply system than a year, the water and electricity fee frugal the ultimate can withdraw water heater couples expenses. C. time-saving, lunch box, 5 seconds out of hot water, 10 seconds can cut the post-cooling water electricity, water, power lunch, special, time saving, and high standard, fast modern right beat life request, is also the purpose of modern to pursue, other varieties water heater supply system are unable to compare.

      5. Fast electric water heater can complete assembly: the kitchen tap + toilet special fast heating electric heating faucet + shower special fast with fast electric water heater, separately terminal heating, can comprehensively, efficient handling problems domestic hot water use, this also is other varieties of products that do not compare the water heater.

      6. And installs supporting sales to new sell a good price: a. bridal chamber in domestic outfit, in small number of life to a pack a little bit better, at an investment of commodities prices do not seem, too demanding; B. often one-time greater investment, installs small in proportion of the water heater, plus is to focus on spending, small do not much care, so can sell well, but also to sell a good price.

      7. One-time volume big, forehead high: domestic outfit can complete sales, each at least 3 sets (kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, each one with water heater shower), sometimes have 2 toilet or have laundry apartment can 4 ~ 5 computers. According to three sets a set of calculation for sales than single machine forehead. The buying and selling of grade are times

      8. Purpose consumers understand, propaganda capital low: buy bridal chamber mainly aimed at the user, the newly built residential area and home outfit material market, targeted promotional purposes understand, good search, propaganda targeted, less investment, quick effect, there are such a phenomenon tip advertent, who go to the National People's Congress installs building materials market, few someone in to decorate bridal chamber roaming street.

      9. Season for a long time, can not busy season, sales year very favorable: north region 4 ~ October 7 months domestic outfit busy season, southern region can annual sales, coupled with the rapid electric water heater is inherently winter season, season can be completed through the year of nokias, shangdu very favorable.

      10. Channels, and appropriate into obtaining high earnings, initiative sales publicity channels many: (1) building a village house propaganda, direct marketing; (2) and an outfit company combined sales; (3) and sanitary ware businessmen set up sales outlets; (4) and the overall hutch ark combination, these businesses sales channels and other investment, without approach fee settlement easy, frugal taxes, access is also lunch box, agents can get benefit maximization. Through the above analysis, bridal chamber is decorated can actually say the main market fast electric water heater, domestic outfit channels should be supporting sales market fast electric water heater major channel

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