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      Other parts
      Insulating tube
      Inlet and outlet water interface
      Ordinary sensor
      Anti-freezing sensor
      Water dish combination

      Subdivide the 2011 electric water heater market

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          2010 has in the past, back again, "harvest" should be the most appropriate adjective in 2010. As standard of living increased and fast-paced lifestyle, water heater has become people moved into the new, hutch of home decorate indispensable product. More and more energy-saving, environmental protection, safety of water heater of products by more consumers whose product positioning collectibles -- with such a market, who will have enough point of competitive and confidence in industry forefront. And joash DE but joy, instant water heater is undoubtedly the most XunChi's black horse and a.

          Electric water heater market by 2007 792 retail growth to the 2009 million sets, and two years to increase 889 is nearly 100 million, retail sales by 93.7 111.8 million yuan, to average annual growth of 9 billion yuan. 2010 1-5 month higher year-on-year growth of electric water heater, retail, forehead 13.1% and 17.3% growth respectively.


          Market is not unalterable, however water heater industry "gas, electricity, solar struggle the most intense. As people life quality requirements for the better, some simple, functional backward, immature water heater product market will gradually shrinking: the limitations of because of its structure design, gas water heater NanCiJiJiu of indoor air. It boasts because of a gas leak, life first killer still in use on the market at present the old-fashioned gas water heater has more than 20 million, the amount is huge, potentially dangerous shocking; Solar energy water heater has not completely conquer technical difficulties, in the winter "excessive energy saving", to realize the ideal bath temperature, manifests the product biggest function.

          Has the environmental protection function, can realize high electronic level products are the future development direction and we right or water heater future prospects of faith.

      Before£ºNamely water heater what advantage
      After£ºFast electric water heater ten advantage
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