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      Small home appliance new hot into investment

      From£ºhttp://www.ceoylch.com      Date£º2011/4/3 15:36:57     Heat:672

          According to Chinese business federation promulgated by the departments of statistical results showed that consumer market, China's small home appliance market at present in each year are 10% to 14% growth, market penetration rate is relatively low small home appliance gestates amazing potential market, has become the home appliance market new profit growth point.

          Small home appliance to replace daily life manual some details is given priority to, is people material life considerably increase product, is a symbol of modern life taste. Advocate the small home appliance of fashionable individual character, with its novel design, gorgeous colour, attractive designs, hotly housewife and single, children's favorite. At present some developed countries average each family has small home appliance 30 to 40 pieces, our country every average only a few, "developed countries today, is our tomorrow" the small home appliance market their victims the development trend. Our everyone's electricity industry market matures, a fiercely competitive, common the now-defunct era, especially into "gome", "suning appliance such as giant," price war, partial businessman big waves and producers is stepping into the limelight. Some dealers sell a color TV return not equal to sell a antennas, excessive profits of nearly "horrifying" input and the competition is investors have to face the reality. But at present our country small home appliance product keep their profits in 30 ~ 50% or so, this "big market, small investment, high return" phenomenon, let everyone's electricity industry is (see chart 3).

          With China's urban residents incomes and life grade ascension, small home appliance development need already have three necessary conditions, as long as seize the opportunity, with appropriate marketing means, activate the potential market, prospects will be well worth it. Experts predict, the Chinese electrical appliances market the next step is the spring, its character home appliance market space by many hundreds of billions of dollars in economic personages of China's household electrical appliance industry dubbed "the last bucket of gold".


          As standard of living rise, people leisure consumption and festival consumption rising, part of the "new" also highly respected holiday, 51, 11, New Year's day, Spring Festival, need not say oneself "valentine's day", "Christmas" and "mother's day", a "father's day" is more popular. China is formal state, "li" every quarter, will send gifts will pay attention to its eye is original and taste chic. Personality mini small home appliance is the best feature of appeal, fashion, health, practical...

          In addition, the holiday is often hot selling product of each opportunity businessman, smart businessmen will choose various promotional gifts to attract customers. A good gift often can dramatically drive sales of businessman, such as guangzhou DE but joy was "electric water heater, launched" strange recruit "buy sent". If you bought a electric water heater will send you gift, energy saving, bath towel, shopping bag pot etc. Results sales promotion, successively parts even broke through the sales season at ordinary times sales, the businessman smile to bend over, customer le laugh.

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