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      Air can profession development is rapid

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      Now, the word "low carbon energy saving and emission reduction, much attention has been marked by the" low carbon economy "begins popularity. Air can be actively advocate low carbon life of a kind of new energy industry, air can water heater in all the water heater category category in the situation of the late start, but in recent years, the development speed of the air can water heater of other types of water heater is affiliations.


      Since energy saving, comfortable characteristics, the air can water heater has been more and more customers, market scale in rapid growth. Statistics show that sales of air can water heater from 2003 to 2009 30 million yuan rise 15 million yuan, this year is expected to achieve breakthrough growth.


      The market survey found, although air can save energy obviously water heater, but price of money, a 150L tank air can water heater in 5000 yuan of above market price, which has influence the rapid spread of this kind of products are important reasons.


      For air can water heater "aristocrat price", Chinese academy of sciences OuYangYaoDing think, professor of energy prices in air can water heater depends largely on the product technology, product technology, production equipment, the size of the market, and many other factors. Manufacturers in order to ensure the quality of products have better than conventional water heater, cost significantly more, this is the air than conventional water heater is expensive to the main reason. In addition, the air is still in the product can hot water development, most enterprise channel is not yet, need to spend vast resources into channel development in, these cost ultimately will certainly reflected in the sales price of products.


      Send walter air can water heater WangWenChao sales director, said: "air can water heater such a good product to achieve rapid popularization, must overcome market price barriers, let ordinary families can accept. In addition to the price adjustment, our company also constantly strengthen independent research and development capacity, with their own core technology, original technology, patent technology, ongoing products and technology innovation, and avoid product homogeneity, get more consumers can enjoy more quality services."

      Before£ºChoose air quality service is equal to the water heater
      After£ºSmall home appliance new hot into investment
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