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      Choose air quality service is equal to the water heater

      From£ºhttp://www.ceoylch.com      Date£º2011/4/3 15:35:25     Heat:694

          Through the coming year, year end nearly, the weather is cold and better day by day. Many people started being selected an appropriate for your home water heater, some set to choose a let new home anytime may take hot water heater; Some going to shift to a heating water big water heater, avoid during the Spring Festival when will pay for friends and relatives in the event of no hot water bath embarrassed; Plenty of suspicion home electric water heater, want a winter too power-hungry energy point...

          So how should choose? Traditional water heater terminator, fourth-generation water heater - with its energy-saving air can water heater, safe, environmental protection, healthy, comfortable, relaxed, seal above the troubling. Dissolve consumers

          Say to the air can water heater, perhaps most was a strange concept. Popular said: air can water heater is based on inverse the carnot cycle theory, using 1 portion of the electrical energy absorption 3 copies of heat energy, produce 4 air of heat transfer to water.

          Appear on the market at present the various air can water heater. Especially this year nearly, each air can water heater businessman also boisterous New Year sales promotion, various kinds of favourable activity let people too many things to see. How should consumer choice?

          First, the air can water heater belong to durable consumer goods, in when water heater of choose and buy don't only by price factors, we have one eye on considerations are the quality of the products, the products quality guarantee, can bring a good quality of life;

          Next, want to choose a service guarantee air can water heater brand. Brand manufacturer can offer professional differentiating system solutions, which is not only the strength of the test, the brand is the customer enjoy a series of professional service safeguard.

          Although at present domestic air industry is still in development, but the new brand emerge in endlessly, the air can water heater to inject more competitive market, also brought pressure. Many brand awareness to, to provide professional solutions and good after-sales service is the magic weapon of the competition in a high-end brand in appear in especially prominent.

          As the world's leading air can water heater, China air development manufacturing experts can water heater brand - sent walter air ten in high-end positioning can water heater, dedicated to providing for elite high quality products and professional services. Through years of continuous efforts, obtained the general customers highly recognized.

          In the coming year, sent walter relying on the national more than 300 stores to service, feedback consumers for the purpose, will, in the middle of December nationwide strong in the European royal life start "bring home in the first quarter -- the city? General" activities. New brand image, perfect channel system, professional quality guarantee, perfect after-sale service... His meticulous attentiveness to consumer demand as the starting point, expecting to provide consumers multiple service guarantee.

          In continuously promote multiple services at the same time, during the campaign for the general customers to send walter also brings a series of preferential: white barrel 150L and silver intelligent dual core (including 1P host and 1.5 P host) New Year preferential big yingbin, sent walter we only enjoying distinguished service at the same time, more get preferential benefit can get home!

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      After£ºAir can profession development is rapid
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