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      Air can water heater principle and characteristics

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          Air can water heater is the water heater burning gas, water heaters, solar energy water heater of fourth-generation hot water equipment after this new water heater heat pump by similar air-conditioner cabinet-type hosts and large capacity confined temperature-holder box composition, can be used as a family of hot water supply, but also for hospitals, schools, factories, hotel, sauna, spa, swimming pool, leisure, glass, slaughterhouses, food, printing and dyeing, breeding and other units collective focus supply of hot water.

          Air can water heater installation from building or floor limit, use against climate conditions, safe and comfortable, environmental protection and energy saving, actually USES energy cost respectively the equivalent of gas water heater only 1/5, electric water heater 1/4, solar water heater 2/3.


          In addition, the air can heat pump water heater fundamentally eliminate electric water heater leakage, dry heating and gas water heater work produce harmful gas safe hidden trouble solar water heater, overcoming the disadvantages such as YinYuTian cannot work, is energy efficient, safe environmental protection, round-the-clock operation, convenient operation.


      Air can water heater is a free use of low grade energy of the heat pump circulation, improve its energy for heating living hot water after grade, because use a power can absorb 3 copies, and air can supply four a heat heating hot water system, air can water heater is an extremely has the potential for development and application of new technology, energy-saving, environmental protection extremely practical value of the industry.

      A, air can water heater - heat pump water heater working principle

      Through the compressor system operations in the air, absorb heat manufacturing hot water. Specific process is: compressor will refrigerant compression, compressed temperature increasing refrigerant, through the condenser manufacturing hot water tank. Heat the refrigerant back after the next cycle of the compressor. In this process, the air quantity of heat is absorbed into the water by evaporator, produce hot water. Such through the compressor air new generation of heating water heater, namely is air can water heater - heat pump water heater. Air can water heater is such products. Air can water heater - heat pump water heater principle of work that is so.

      Second, the air can water heater - heat pump water heater has what advantages?

      The "save money + security + environmental + comfortable" :

      1, money: COP value more than 3 above, can effect comparing high, absolute save electricity and save money. Can save 2/3 ~ 3/4 electricity expenses, or save 1/2 ~ 2/3 of the gas fee expenditure and solar water heater auxiliary heating costs.

      2, safety: no gas, won't produce any waste gas, more won't appear "gas poisoning"; Can not use electricity heating bar heating, won't have leakage risk, protect family health and safety.

      Three, environmental protection: air (heat pump) water heater eduction wind, which helps reduce at room temperature.

      4, comfortable: patent technology - over current indirect heating, automatic fixed temperature, pressure when use hot water supply in the hot, hot water pressure will, intimacy. All-weather, year-round syndrome, to make up for the solar hot water supply system YinYuTian, ShangDong evening and have no sunlight, no hot water available embarrassed.

      Three, air can (heat pump) water heater why save electricity?

      With coal-fired boilers, fuel boilers, gas boiler, electric water heater, heat pump water heater is compared the highest water heater efficiency.

      Fuel boiler efficiency -- 75%, 65% of the efficiency of electric water heater 70% - 80%, heat pump water heater efficiency 300% - 500 percent.

      Due to the heat pump water heater as high as 300% - 500% thermal efficiency, make the cost of preparation of hot water and cheap, nature will save electricity. Other heat pump products also save electricity, just how much difference in the province.

      Four, the air can water heater - heat pump water heater for room space is limited, installed in the balcony just enjoy less than other function?

      Small bedroom homes if were installed at open not close the balcony leaked out, and just enjoy wind no other function. But only hot water function than water heater burning gas, electric water heater, the solar energy water heater electricity -saving, provincial cost and safety, convenient. For the sake of best results, we suggest such as housing is lesser, should be installed in the balcony of users best will balcony USES aluminium alloy enclosed air (heat pump) after the water heater installation, let air and indoor cause convection can enjoy other function, more can isolate outdoor noise and dirt.

      Five, the air can water heater - heat pump water heater of installation position have why to ask?

      Can be installed in toilet, kitchen, closed the balcony, garage, stair corner, storeroom, attic, basement and even sitting room etc any position, especially kitchen is the best. Because kitchen cooking hot, humid air is bad, the air can water heater - heat pump water heater installed in the kitchen, will greatly improve the kitchen air quality and reduce the kitchen temperature.

      Six, air can water heater - heat pump water heater to the work environment have why to ask?

      Whatever Yin, sunny, day, night, as long as there is air can manufacture hot water. At normal temperature, every hour 180L hot water can produce. But in the cold weather, environment temperature is lower, will be depressed. Especially in - 10 under frosting, change frost to question is the main difference between other brand heat pump.

      Seven, air can water heater - heat pump water heater have other function?

      Air can water heater - heat pump water heater set heating water, heating, cooling, air dehumidification, filter clean and so on each function as one:

      Efficient dehumidification 24 hours a day, dehumidifying capacity largest 6 ~ 8 kilograms, monsoon and the rainy weather effect is obvious;

      Annual snow, cloudy skies syndrome whether a full 24 hours continuous automatic provide hot water;

      Additional heating accessories, winter can make indoor temperature 5 above, make learning, entertainment, when sleeping more comfortable;

      Filtering indoor air, installed in kitchen more obvious effects.

      Eight, the air can water heater - heat pump water heater if operation and conducts work?

      Computer automatic control, manual operation. First installation must will cold water filled with (outlet have the water out) by 25 , cold water ascent to 55 about need 3 hours, average hourly rising about 10 to 20 , (15 water temperature in winter ascent to 55 needs 3 ~ 4 hours). When the temperature reaches 55 automatically when downtime, other additional function also were stopped. When beginning to use hot water heater, after temperature drop to 45 , water heater will automatically start manufacturing hot water, every hour to continuous manufacturing 120 ~ 170 rise even more hot water (specific inspects different type heat water per hour will be different from made). Water temperature reached 55 will automatically stop, ready to provide others use hot water. Round and round, reciprocating cycle.

      Nine, air can water heater - heat pump water heater once can provide many people use?

      Temperature control configuration reach 55 , it will automatically stop when it begins to use hot water, there will be a cold water until the temperature drops to enter, 45 (can be arbitrary set), the system will automatically start, every hour can continuously produce 45 to 55 of hot water 100 ~ 700 litres (specific different and different) due to the product. After testing, each shower , water need to 42 40 ~ 50 litres of hot water, air (heat pump) water heater can provide one-time successive 3 people above shower. But normal 3 people shower time should have 1 hour, so compensatory of hot water can again for more people use.

      Ten, air can water heater - heat pump water heater have much province electricity?

      Use 240V general power, 22 ~ 750W ~ 910W around, and each (compressor a power can make working gap), which 180L hot 1.6 ~ 2-4 people use, day consumed 2 ~ 3 degrees or so (cold environment of low temperature, power consumption will be slightly high), day consumption money 1 ~ 2 yuan or so, so 2-4 people per month for electricity family only 30 to 40 yuan. While general gas fee, and about 150 yuan to 200L electric water heater 2000W plan, insulation and heating need daily consumption 15 degrees, about 7.5 yuan, electric on cost 200 multivariate (cold consumption higher when). Air can water heater - heat pump water heater and electric water heater can save cost per month compared to about 70 ~ 80%.

      AfterChoose air quality service is equal to the water heater
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